A multi-disciplinary judging panel will review and score entries for all stages of the AI Health Outcomes Challenge.

Participants should ensure that their entry provides sufficient detail and information to allow judging panel to evaluate the entry in accordance with the following criteria:


Impact of proposed solution

  • To what extent is the proposed approach operationally feasible for CMS?

  • How likely is it to succeed in predicting unplanned hospital and SNF admissions and adverse events?

  • Did the participant identify potential roadblocks to implementation and suggest ideas to facilitate resolution of such roadblocks?



  • To what degree is the proposed design innovative, creative, and original?

  • To what extent did the participant demonstrate how the proposed solution can outperform existing approaches? 

  • To what extent has the participant identified other data sets and/or types of information that would be useful to further refine their solutions following the competition?



  • To what extent has the participant explained how the proposed AI tool will work with humans (clinicians and patients) to achieve the desired results?

  • To what extent has the participant identified strategies and tools to explain AI predictions to clinicians and patients to build trust and drive transparency?

  • To what extent has the participant demonstrated a link between the proposed solution and benefit to the Medicare population and potential impact on current health care practice and delivery methods?



(Assessed and scored, but not included in the weighted score)

Participant qualifications/history 

  • Experience of participant in AI/deep learning with complex data sets.

  • Participants’ experience with health care-specific data, including experience with and knowledge in hospital admissions data and measures of clinical quality. Note that specific experience with health care data is not required but will help participants understand and interpret the competition subject and goals.

  • High-level timeline and business plan—has the participant presented an appropriate plan to meet the deadlines and requirements for the competition?

  • Participants’ backgrounds, including with respect to location, professional background, and approach.

Judging criteria for the later stages will be published along with more detailed information on the challenges at those stages.

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